Reps Air Jordan: Not Only A Basketball Shoe, But Also An Attitude

Reps Air Jordan is Michael Jordan’s representative basketball shoe, one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA. It is not only a basketball shoe, but also an attitude, a cultural symbol.

About design:

The design style of Replica Air Jordan shoes is the same as Michael Jordan’s style. Fake Air Jordan 1 is inspired by soccer shoes, and it is the first basketball shoe that applies the Nike Air sole.

Reps Air Jordan 2, the first basketball shoe made of premium material was designed by Bruce Kilgore. Wings patterns on the shoe represent the flight of the “Jumpman”. At the same time, the two bars on the shoe and the fish scales on the sole are on behalf of the shark image.

And Fake Air Jordan 3 designed by Tinker Hatfield is Michael Jordan’s favorite shoe. It is the first to feature a visible air cushion sole and the first Reps Air Jordan sneaker that used leather and rubber sole.

In short, Reps Air Jordan is not just a basketball shoe, but also an attitude, a pursuit of sport and fashion. It has innovated its technology and renewed its design constantly. Also, it cooperates with many brands and artists in different fields to launch co-branded and limited shoes continuously, which makes Fake Air Jordan a high-profile brand both on the basketball court and in the field of fashion.

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